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Car Tyres – Identifying Different Types of Car Tyres for Different Seasons


It’s easy to travel anywhere if you know how to drive and have your own car. You can go anywhere you want, any time you like. That would be really great. Taking a drive in the summer along those rocky rail roads, in mountainous areas, or taking side trip during the winter to see the glitz of snow, or any places around the world.

But then you must know first the basic parts of your car so that whatever may happen along the way, you will be prepared and ready, especially the type of BMW tyres you need to use. You can’t just drive away on those muddy rail roads in province areas without using some tyres that will carry your car along the way.

So, don’t just pack your things and drive away without knowing anything. If you are not a car enthusiast, better ask for some help from mechanics. They know what to do and what type of tyres to use for your trips.

But to give you an idea of what types of car tyres to use, here are some tips for you:

  1. contact-us-bkgWinter tyres – during this time, the road may be slippery because of the ice and snow. So, basically you need to make sure that your tyres won’t slip once you pass those roads. This winter 225 45 r17 tyres can also be used during rainy days and heavy snows. It has a micro filament grip material that will stick and grip to the ground in the freezing weather and wide grooves to increase the traction on the road since it is winter, the road will surely be slippery.  It is really designed as such to prevent serious accidents along the way. So, if you are planning a vacation or winter trip on the North Pole, be sure to check that your car is in good condition and you already change it into winter tyres.
  2. Summer tyres – it is way much different from winter tyres, though winter tyres can still be used during dry or summer season. It has a warm weather grip that ensures the friction between the tyre and the road will be maximized. Summer tyres also have a block-shape tread pattern so that its tyres will remain in contact with the road. However, summer tyres easily wear off because of the heat on the tracks.
  3. All Season Tyres – to save money on changing tyres almost every season, this type of tyre is very much suited and available for you. Its tyres are more complex than the others and has a slits on its’ tread blocks. Just like the winter tyres, it also has a good traction that gives it the ability to grip during freezing conditions.
  4. Mud Terrain tyres – this type of tyres is good for muddy, rocky, and sandy road. It has a strong grip that allows it stay on the road even if how difficult it is. So if you are panning for an off-road vacation make sure that you already have a mud terrain tyres or else something not so pleasant would happen. Its tyre is very wide and tall with very thick tread designs and is also durable.

Those are just some of the basic types of car tyres. But if really want to know more, you may also inquire in different automotive shops or have your own mechanic teach you.

Make sure that before you travel, you know where you are going and what type of road you may be passing as to prepare what kind of tyres you need to use.

Choosing the Right Engagement Ring Setting and Gemstone

Choosing the right setting of the gemstone and the type of stone is crucial while purchasing the right engagement ring. The settings of the gemstone on the band can be pronged or invisible which means that the piece that actually hold the gemstone attached to the band in its right place.

Some engagement rings would use a setting of platinum that is combined with the gold band to get the special background colour and the contrast to get less diamond tinting and add the durability of platinum.

If the ring is to be worn during the significant time of the day and significant activities, it is good to choose a bezel setting or at least six prongs for redundancy.
More to consider while choosing the setting and gemstone

The most important feature of the engagement ring bought from New Star Diamonds is gemstone in the diamond engagement rings as is usually referred to as rock or stone. According to most of the experts, the bigger the stone, the better it is, and it’s important that it must go with the personality and preferences of the person who is going to wear the ring. The gemstone is not essentially a diamond, but it is good if you choose the diamond carefully with the help of the 4C’s namely carat, clarity, cutting and colour of the gemstone.
There’s also a 5th C that is less known, and it stands for cubic zirconia that is a beautiful and indistinguishable form of diamond and it is softer than the real diamond and it may dull over years. The cost of the cubic zirconia is 5 to 10% of the actual diamond cost, and it looks just as beautiful as the genuine diamonds. Similarly, a rhodium plated band is quite indistinguishable from the Silver Ring, and these can be quite good options for little upfront money if one is looking for cheap alternatives of engagement rings.

10 Important facts about alternative therapy

People have been living on earth for about 250,000 years. For the past 5,000 healers have been trying to heal the sick. For all but the past 200, they haven’t been very good at it. Luna Courses is a good place for holistic therapy courses.

– Dr. Paul Offit

Here are 10 interesting facts about alternative therapy and how it all started.

  1. Massage therapy dates back thousands of years and has been recorded in ancient writings from the Orient, Asia, Arabia and Greece.
  1. 2/3 of people who use complementary and alternative medicine do not tell their medical doctor.
  1. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) currently invests about $40 million per year in complementary and alternative medicine related research.
  1. 19 percent of Fortune 500 companies offer alternative medicine as part of their health care compensation packages.
  1. More than 70% to 90% of physicians consider complementary and alternative medicine therapies, such as diet and exercise, behavioral medicine, counseling and psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy, to be legitimate medical practices.
  1. One-half of all medical schools now offer courses in alternative medicine.
  1. Spinal manipulation was used by the Ancient Greeks long before it was incorporated into chiropractic and osteopathic medicine in the 19th
  1. Traditional Chinese medicine has been chosen by the World Health Organization for worldwide propagation to meet the heath care needs of the twenty-first century.
  1. The World Health Organization estimates that between 65 to 80 percent of the world’s population (over 4 billion people) rely on alternative medicine as their primary form of health care compared to only 10 to 30 percent of people who use conventional medicine.
  • Medicinal herbs were found amongst the personal effects of the mummified prehistoric “ice man” who was found in the Italian Alps in 1991.

Always remember that natural doesn’t equal safe or effective. Alternative therapy will always be the way to go, just remember that you are responsible for your own well being.