Tentomy scissors

Tentomy scissors

Scissors specially designed for use in surgical operations are known as surgical scissors . Surgical scissors are used for dissecting through organs, removing tissues, piercing bones etc. The selection and use of scissors for a surgery depends upon the nature of the surgery and the site. Tentomy scissors are a special type of surgical scissors.

What are tentomy scissors?

Tentomy scissors are designed to be used for narrow and constricted areas such as the body cavities and sensitive tissues. Tentomy scissors have small blades and long handles. Tentomy scissors with both straight and curved blade edges are available in the market, it is upon the surgeon to decide which one to use. The long handles allow the surgeons to have a firm grip and greater control in tight and constricted areas.

Use of tentomy scissors:

Mostly, tentomy scissors are used in sensitive surgeries e.g. ophthalmic and neuro surgeries. The small blade design is ideally required when incising through eye and small nerves. Tentomy scissors are also used when cutting through lips and performing tissue transplants.

Cutting through small areas demands greater care and precision. Irreversible damage to nearby tissues may result if the right surgical scissors are not chosen.

Tentomy scissors that are designed to be used for nasal cavities have extra sharp blades. The small scissors can adjust into small openings and can reach to the site right where the cut is required. Tentomy scissors can easily cut through tendons, small bones and cavities, delicate tissues and cartilage.