Some Utilitarian Apps For The Rooted Phone

Some Utilitarian Apps For The Rooted Phone

There are advantages to rooting a smart phone as has been realized by a lot of users over the years but the applications on hand have been quick to respond to the situation by being able to detect the use of rooting.  This allows a lot of app developers to counter those folks that use rooting.  It is however, possible to get over the situation by using the more advanced methods of rooting as well as in employing the better of apps available.


It could be said that rooting of a phone can be made really effective by using this app that hides the state of the smart phone from most applications.  So it is indeed possible to have as good a performance as the original state prior to root being employed.  This is a completely free app that simply does not come in a premium version or account; a really refreshing approach.

Quick reboot

There can never be the plain advantage that a simple reboot of the smart phone provides to the user at some of the most crucial times.  With the use of a non-removal battery feature it is convenient to have a reboot option that can be relied on at all times.  Quick reboot is such an app that is to be noted for the convenience as well as the utility of use.

ROM Toolbox

For any kind of fixes to be done to the internal memory of a rooted smart phone, this app is simple indispensable.  Available in both a free version as well as a premium account, the user is assured of a smooth functioning of the phone at all times.  It is possible to apply a range of functionality to the ROM as compared to a phone without such a feature.