Farm house decor tips

Farm house decor tips

The main features of a farmhouse are simplicity, relaxation, floral accessories, handmade items and closeness to nature. Here are some tips that will add soul to your farmhouse.

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  • For a farmhouse decor, prefer handmade decorations with the help of wooden or metal accessories and colorful lace work. You can create wooden tables and frames to have a unique look of the farmhouse.
  • While selecting doors for your farmhouse, make sure they should look like country style barn doors. Modern style doors won’t perfectly fit in the farm house.
  • The curtains for a farmhouse should be simple and in natural colors. They should give the feeling of simplicity and comfort. The vibrant colors will be quite funky and overdo for a farmhouse look.  Hence neutral colors maintain the theme of the house.
  • You can use steel plates on the walls of your home. It will give a traditional and somewhat rural look to your home.
  • The kitchen should not be over decorated. Keep it simple, neat and practical to use.
  • Keep the nature as close as possible by planting a number of trees and plant and keeping some pets. The world is urbanizing but your farmhouse will give you a peaceful feel of a rural place.

Farmhouse is a causal place where one prefers to spend some quality time after bored and tired from the daily routine. Hence the place should be kept simple, traditional and provide harmony.